An Experienced Crafter.

UK born and NZ based artist MarthaHopeArt offers a unique collection of textured artwork.

Martha takes inspiration from the natural world around her, creating delicate pieces inspired by wildlife, plant life and natural landscapes. Using thread to ‘paint’, Martha imbues energy in her subjects, layering fabric to create texture and movement. Whether it be a ruffled bird or the smooth movement of water there is delicacy in the application and each 'thread painting' encourages close contemplation and study, as the layers applied give a detail and finery to the composition. This thoughtful study of her subjects invites the viewer to also come closer, and to see the beauty and character of these scenes in all their layers and texture.

After studying a fine art degree in England, Martha has continued to develop and explore mediums, focusing primarily on needlework but also exploring ink illustrations, oil painting and most recently mixing oil painting with thread. The main subjects of her work are inspired by New Zealand and the life and beauty she has discovered here.

Texture and movement are a key component to her work and an area of continuous exploration.

Martha has an online presence and is now looking to exhibit her work in galleries more frequently.